In February 2023, we moved to beautiful Berwang in Tyrol. We both sold our business in the Netherlands. Rene his bakery and Esther her restaurant and decided to do what we had been dreaming about for years. Living among the mountain peaks while delighting guests, that is what makes our hearts beat faster. The beauty of the village in the middle of the Zugspitz Arena Tyrol has a magical effect on us. The mountain peaks and lakes in both summer and winter are enchanting. Beyond the magnificent nature we see it as our task to give you an unforgettable stay.

I am René Tijsterman. Born and raised in Rijnsburg. My dad was a well known baker in Rijnsburg. I took over this beautiful family business from 1906 in 1998 and continued and expanded it with great enthusiasm and energy. After almost 25 years, the cake was over. The company now had 15 stores with 120 employees. Then there comes a moment in your life when you have to decide whether to continue, or to completely change course one more time and follow your dream. Together with Esther, I had the dream of building a new life somewhere in a beautiful area of rugged and pure nature. Through the broker we ended up in Berwang, in our beautifully renovated hotel/farmhouse from 1746. And now we have completely found our place.

My name is Esther and I am 43 years old. After secondary school I graduated in Hotel & Hospitality Management. Actually I have worked my whole working life in the hospitality industry of which the last 5 years I had my own restaurant in Leiden. I am also the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Nina 16 years old and Ilse 15 years old. In 2011 I met Rene and in 2014 we got married. Rene has 3 children from a previous marriage and so we have lived together for 12 years with 7 of us part time. So the chance that you might run into one of them during a stay is not out of the question. Although they have all continued to live in the Netherlands they are the most frequently seen guests at The Alpen Lodge Berwang!